Computer Repair
At Family PC, we repair all brands of PC's. If your Hard Drive is failing, your Laptop Screen is cracked, or your system is just not performing like it used to, bring your tower, desktop or laptop computer in for a free evaluation and Repair Estimate. You may be considering trashing your PC and getting a new one, but many times our repair estimates are more reasonable than you ever expected.
Virus and Malware Cleaning
No matter how careful you may be or which Antivirus Software you are running, you are still bound to pick up Viruses or Malware on your system. Our technician is extremely experienced in removing all types of infections. Viruses can be programmed to steal passwords or credit card numbers, change your Home Page and redirect your internet searches. Bring your PC in to Family PC and we will make sure you are Certified Virus Free.
Hardware Upgrades
At Family PC, we offer many types of computer upgrades to get your system running faster. Whether you may need more RAM Memory or your hard drive is getting full, we have the easy solution for you. Just bring your system in for a Free Evaluation and we will let you know what can be done to improve the performance or increase the storage of your computer.
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