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Data Transfer or Recovery
Custom Computers
In-Home or Office Service
All of your important data including documents, pictures and music is stored on your Hard Drive. If your Hard Drive is failing, you may need our help to recover your important files. We may be able to help for a fraction of the cost that many "Data Recovery" companies can charge. Just bring it in for a free evaluation. It won't cost you anything if we can't recover your data.
We also can transfer your files from your old computer whether it is working or not. The cost of this service is very reasonable. Please call or bring it in for more information.
At Family PC, we can custom build the computer that is right for you. We build anything from basic Business PC's to full blown Gaming Computers. Whether you want the latest Windows 8 PC or feel more comfortable with Windows 7 or even XP, we can build it the way you want it. Call or email for a price quote.
Although most of our services are performed in our shop, there may come a time when it makes more sense for a house call. If you are having trouble with your home or office network, your wireless Internet won't connect or that printer won't print, we can help. Give us a call and we will determine if you are in need of a Service Call. Our Hourly rate is very competitive and you can rest assured that you will receive professional service from our experienced technician.
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Family PC
Refurbished PC's and Laptops
A nice selection of used and fully refurbished PC's and Laptops are always available. Please call or stop by to check out the great deals on these lightly used models.